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With over 35 years of combined experience in the optical industry, it just made sense that owners Brandon Dill and Jon Martino teamed up to create Fuse Lenses.

It all started when a mutual friend scratched the lenses in his perfectly good, quality frame. Not wanting to dish out the money for a completely new pair, he asked if it would be possible to replace the lenses instead. That was the beginning of Fuse Lenses.

Since then, Fuse has been dedicated to creating the highest quality lenses for all the brands you love - brands that you never want leave the house without, but may have you feeling cast aside due to a discontinued style or lack of replacement options.

Over the years, we’ve grown not only our products, but also our community of athletes, advocates, and trusted Fuse partners. We know your sunglasses get beat up - dropped, sat on, and taken into the harshest elements - and they don’t always stand up to the challenge. That’s why we still continuously work to develop stronger scratch resistance, more durable coatings, and crisper optics. We want to not only provide the vision you expect for your high quality frames, but also become a trusted ally in all of your everyday adventures.

Meet The Fuse Crew


Co-founder, CEO

Brandon has over 20 years of optical experience under his belt. Today, he does everything from paying taxes to repairing machines in the lab, to organizing team meetings, to supervising marketing efforts, or to just pouring coffee for his tired employees.


Co-founder, CEO

Jon got his start in the optical industry at the ripe age of 18. Since then, he has dedicated his entire life to finding the perfect balance of strong hardcoatings and fashionable colors for your Fuse Lenses.


Customer Service

If everyday was take your children to work day, we are sure that Renatte would never take a sick day. Unless the sick day was really playing hooky and boating to her favorite island with her family instead.


Marketing Coordinator

A caffeine dependent life form that can often be found helping with events, sending out emails, watching cat videos, giving away all of our stuff, or answering your questions on social media.


Sr. Webmaster / Team Logic

Fuse’s very first employee is also our only remote employee. He handles all things eCommerce and keeps us in check from 3,200 miles away.


Assistant Webmaster

Responsible for the grunt-work of the website, you can often find Brian daydreaming of running his own electronics company, where he will no longer have to do such low-level work. Or maybe he’s just daydreaming about lunch.


Programmer / Team Logic

Alexis is the newest addition to “Team Logic,” our web development team. Armed with an endless supply of Celsius, programming memes on her wall and kitten videos playing on her computer - she’ll fit right in.


Customer Serivice

Also known as “Peggy” or “Mom” to some, Margaret answers emails from the comfort of her home. She does sometimes swing by the office, so her two peekapoos can come say hello


Customer Service

Zach is a helpful resource for our customers. He is also a harsh critic of live music, craft beer, sports radio callers, and people who put clothes on their pets.


Customer Service

While she knows the customer is always right, as a mother - she’s always right the other 99% of the time. We’d guess that her fiancé and Fuse lab tech, Eric, probably wouldn’t disagree.


Lab Manager

Peter always comes early and stays late to do what he does best - sit in his office and watch over the lab workers. If Peter could tell you only one thing about himself, he would, without a doubt, tell you that he does CrossFit.


Lab Tech

Chris spends his work time enthusiastically helping out wherever he might be needed. Chris spends his free time meticulously managing his comic book collection.


Lab Tech

In a past life, Eric was responsible for repairing military helicopters under high-stakes pressure. Today, he is responsible for getting out your lens orders, under much less pressure.


Lab Tech

One of the younger Fuse Family members, Jacob works part time cutting lenses when he is not in school. All the while, he is no doubt daydreaming of his next payday.

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