Mail your sunglasses to our Florida office,
and we'll scan and create a custom cut for your frames.

$289.00 Fuse Ion Mirror Polarized with AR backside coating: Glacier Mirror Polarized AR, Carbon Mirror Polarized AR
$239.00 Fuse Ion Polarized with AR backside coating: Grey Polarized AR, Brown, Polarized AR.
$189.00 Polarized Tinted Lenses: Grey, Brown, G15.
$239.00 Mirror Polarized: Glacier Blue, Sapphire Green, Carbon Mirror, Bronze Alloy, Red Blaze, Yellow Fusion, Cascade, Cosmic Purple, Bella Pink.
$179.00 Tinted Lenses: Grey, Brown, Yellow, Clear, Grey Gradient, Brown Gradient, G15 Gradient.
$229.00 Mirror Tinted: Glacier Blue, Sapphire Green, Carbon Mirror, Chrome Mirror, Bronze Alloy, Red Blaze, Yellow Fusion, Cascade Orange, Cosmic Purple, Bella Pink.
$229.00 Photochromic: Change from clear to grey outdoors.


1. Please fill out the contact form below and included:    Order Information Example what is this? Please enter your custom lens order info below this line:

John Z Smith
1234 Cool St
Groovy, CA 99895

I have Arnette sunglasses model Whisper AN9869
I would like
1 pair of G15 polarized lenses
1 pair of the Ice Blue Mirror Polarized

Thanks and rock on!

  • - Your contact information (name, shipping address, phone, e-mail address).
  • - The Brand and Model of your sunglasses (check the inside of the temple for model numbers).
  • - The type of lenses you want including color, e.g. Ice Blue Mirror Polarized.

2. We will e-mail you a PayPal invoice for payment (any major credit card, or PayPal balance).

3. Next we'll e-mail you a pre-paid shipping label; mail us your sunglasses for lens installation.

4. Once we receive your sunglasses and payment, we'll process your order and ship your sunglasses,
      lenses already installed, including a great micro fiber cloth bag.

New Grey Polarized replacement lensesGrey
*Available in Polarized

New Amber, or Brown Polarized replacement lensesAmber / Brown
*Available in Polarized

New Yellow Polarized replacement lensesYellow
*Available in Tint Only

Yellow with AR CoatingYellow with AR *Gaming/Night Vision

New Crystal Clear replacement lensesCrystal Clear

New G15 Polarized replacement lensesG15
*Available in Polarized

New Carbon Mirror Tint replacement lensesCarbon Mirror
*Available in Polarized

New Bronze Alloy Mirror Tint replacement lensesBronze Alloy Mirror
*Available in Polarized

New Glacier Mirror Polarized replacement lensesGlacier Mirror
*Available in Polarized

New Sapphire Mirror Polarized replacement lensesSapphire Mirror
*Available in Polarized

New Blaze Mirror replacement lensesCascade Mirror
*Available in Polarized

New Blaze Mirror Polarized replacement lensesBlaze
*Available in Polarized

New Bella Mirror Polarized replacement lensesBella
*Available in Polarized

New Fusion Mirror Tint replacement lensesFusion Mirror
*Available in Polarized

New Cosmic Mirror Polarized replacement lensesCosmic Mirror
*Available in Polarized

F30 Amber / Rose replacement lensesF30 Amber / Rose
*Available in Polarized

New Photochromic replacement lensesPhotochromic

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